I am a cross-party, barrier breaking candidate. Running for Livingston Parish Council




Utilizing current Parish resources, I will work to find solutions to our ongoing drainage, sanitation, road repair/congestion, gas supply shortage, etc.


As your Council Woman, I will ensure that the People knows what is going on within the District (you are not JUST a Voter). I will keep you up to date on my social feeds.


I will investigate any allegation of wrongdoing and remain honest. I will not accept bribes, and will avoid situations that leave me open to judgment of misconduct. I will humbly serve all people in District 6 of Livingston Parish, regardless of party, race, creed or religion.


Campaign Message

This movement began with the simple goal to bring recycling to my community. The more I reached out to my neighbors, the more I discovered they felt they weren’t being heard. These concerns weighed on my heart, so I took a stand.

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